Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Orange, peach and cherries.

This little painting was done for a client in Sydney, that had admired something similar at my exhibition recently, I will use the holiday break to do some more still life pictures, my favourite theme for paintings, watch this spot.!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Merry Christmas from Roger

Female Figure Back View

Nice drawing, a mixture of charcoal and pastel.

Celine, Back View

This another fifteen minute pose. If you click on the image it should give you a larger view. This drawing was sold at my exhibition in Sydney, if anyone is interested in purchasing a drawing, they can be rolled up into a cylinder and sent anywhere in the world. The average price for my life drawings, remembering they are large format - around 1 metre in depth, $350. U.S. Just email me for details and I can send you jpegs of available drawings.

Male Figure

This is a charcoal and pastel drawing, I usually only use pastels. The likeness is fairly good considering this was only a 15 minute pose. This has been sold.

Last Thursday's Drawing

Here are three figures from my latest life drawing session. Each pose was five minutes. This picture has been sold.

Nest on Beige

This is another of my nest paintings. It is currently on display at Digipress, 12 King William Street Kent Town, South Australia. It's shown on a lovely charcoal grey wall, which seems to suit it very well and judging by the enquiries other people seem to agree.