Monday, January 18, 2016

Arabellas feathers.

The light was stronger on one side so you must imagine this painting on a clean white background,
it's about a meter wide, and was done for my granddaughter in Adelaide, she thinks it is 'awesome' !!
and will adorn her bedroom wall when I next get down there.


A slightly off square!! photo of a new painting, 3 Plums, it's oil on canvas, and the size is about 61 x 51 cm.

Blue lady

This is a drawing done at Sebastapol in Ballarat recently hope you like it.

Happy fruit.

This is an old painting from last year, that I have never been 100% happy with, so I fiddled around
a bit and added some brighter colours with  broader brush strokes etc so now I am happy!!  the size is
61 x 61 cm.

Fig on blue.

A new painting, oil on canvas 41 x 51 cm.  In this one I have gone away from a traditional tight finish.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Pastel portrait

This is a close up from a life drawing done recently at Ballarat, just burnt sienna and white chalk.

Figs in a row.

 This was a painted last week only a small painting 310 x 150. mm. we ate them afterwards,!! sounds cruel doesn't it.

Fallen Pear.

This one is 600 x 450 mm oil on canvas, I'm trying to keep a lighter palette, I had fun and love playing with pastel tints.

fruit and vase.

This painting was done recently in oil on masonite, it's strange painting on such a non porous surface,
I may try it again on a bigger scale, the only trouble is that you are forced to have it framed, which can
be a drag, if you have a few to do.