Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Space Ship

I have been selling a few of my larger nest paintings recently, which is good one way but leaves me short of work to display at my upcoming SALA exhibition.  So, this is a new one fresh off the brush.  It is 1m x 1m.  It has a Japanese impressionist feel with some calligraphic brush strokes.


Oil on canvas, 400 x 350 mm.  This would make a really nice image for a wine label.  If there's anyone out there with friends in the industry, send them my way!  This painting is available for purchase, email me for details.

Still life; apple and pears

This is a recent painting, it's one of my favourites.  It was an easy painting, in as far as it happened very quickly, just fell off the brush in about an hour.  I hope you like it as much as I do.

Still life with three pears

I quite like the mysterious presence of the objects against the dark background.  

Lemon and Chinese vase

I did this painting recently and was interested in the reflection of the yellow in the lemon onto the stone texture of the vase.  It's only a small painting, about 300mm wide.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Welcome to my blog

If you are visiting this site as a result of seeing my ad in the Australian Art Collector Magazine, thank you for making the effort.  When I paint something, I'm interested in bringing out the essential beauty in everyday objects.  I'm a traditionalist, I'm not out to make smart comments, political stands or shock the community, I just love painting, I do hope you enjoy looking at my work.  

A lot of the paintings shown have already sold or are on show in galleries interstate.
However if you are a collector and are interested in purchasing something, email me and let me know the genre that interests you: 1. Nests 2. Still Life 3. Life Drawings.  I would then send you a PDF of available works with a price indication.  Only genuine enquiries please.


This is a large piece, over 1 meter in width.  This work is available for sale, if it interests you, email me for a price.  


Another painting, using the same cauliflower in the picture below.  It tasted just as good as it looks!  This will also go up at the Cathedral exhibition.

Kitchen Table

A new still life, to go on display at the Adelaide Cathedral as part of the SALA exhibition.  It's oil on canvas, and about 60 cms in width.

Tree (sold.)

This is a small painting completed about 5 years ago.  It sits in a little corner of the studio, all neglected and alone!  If anyone is interested it's yours for $50.00 + postage, to the first person that contacts me.  Go for it!!