Monday, November 23, 2015

Cabbage and Peaches.

this painting was done for the Daylesford Art Show a few weeks ago, it's oil on canvas and it is about
120 cm x 75. I will be adding more stuff over the next few days, before we go to Adelaide to
see the the family for a pre Christmas get together.

Life drawing .

This is a 20 minute sketch done in Ballarat a couple of weeks ago at our drawing group,
I prepare the paper 1st,  with some bold colours  in acrylic then draw over the top with pastels.

Emerging 2.

I have tried to follow the style of the previous image ( further down the page.) with
this mixed media piece acrylic and oil, also some collage, it is about a meter square, with so
many interesting areas to catch the eye, hope you like it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Three in a row.

My favorite fruit, !! again a smaller picture, with a pale grey background the colours
stand out  like little jewels, hope you like it,

Mandarins (sold )

nice little painting, about 410 X 310 oil on canvas, my photo doesn't do it justice. !

'Emerging' ( sold )

This is my 1st update for about 12 months since moving to Daylesford, we have been renovating
the house and building a studio converted from an old single car garage, it isn't as big as the one in Adelaide but will suffice.
anyway all this work hasn't given me much time to paint, but things are beginning to settle down now a
so I will pop things up occasionally.
the painting above was sold at the recent Daylesford art show.
it is a little different for me, let me know what you think, my email is