Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two new drawings from life class

I went back to drawing last night after a couple of weeks break. It was a smaller class than usual, maybe it's getting close to Christmas, putting pressure on peoples spare time? Or has the global melt down hit the artistic fraternity!!! We almost had more models than students!

Monday, October 27, 2008


A new and beautiful nest painting, just completed. This one will be appearing in the next edition of the Australian Art Collector magazine. A primitive space ship, traveling in space and holding within itself an embryonic life force.

Shelter from the Storm

This is a smaller sized painting, about 600 x 500 mm. Painted directly from a collected nest. I had been asked by a prospective client to do a painting of this size and I will show him sometime next week. Any visitors to my blog site, I would be really pleased to hear your comments or questions you may have regarding my work. (Is there anyone out there?)

The Blue Egg

This is a commissioned piece from a client that loved a similar painting that was sold earlier this year. So I changed the proportions to suit their needs, I am particularly proud of this painting and will miss it when it leaves the studio.