Thursday, January 17, 2008

Apricots and blue bowl.

same format as pictures below, enjoy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

small still life.

another little painting that was produced for an exhibition here in Adelaide, one of a series, all the same size and are displayed standing up on a table, they are on smalll canvases that are about 2 inches thick, I paint the edge black, they look really nice like objects rather than paintings on a wall.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Two Plums and Red apple.

another small still life, about 30 cm. in width, oil on canvas.

Lemons, chillies and bowl.

This is a painting done for my recent Sydney exhibition,I have used lots of white space!! , making a punctuated pattern across the canvas. my camera, didn't pick up a lot of the mauve subleties, that are there in the original.

Cherry and pear.

Another little painting completed over the Christmas break, I like the reflection of the pear on the side of the cherry, and the space around the objects give the picture some sort of dignity, and solitude.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

3 Corelle pears.

While painting this little still life, the temperature outside the studio was around 39 deg celcius, over a 100 degrees in the old language, my ancient air conditioner was struggling! I suppose we will all have to expect more and more extreme weather in the future with global warming, becoming a very real part of our lives.but the pears look cool!

still life fruit on a ledge

To see a close up view of any of the paintings, just click on the image, this is one of many pictures I have completed recently for a show coming up at the Artichoke gallery on Magill Rd here in Adelaide.

The three Amigos!

another small still life, I think it is very compelling in it's simplicity, not sure if I should frame it? most people these days prefer their paintings without frames.

birds nest painting

This nest painting was done the other day, it's smaller than I normally do, about 500 x 500 cms, it works well, I believe because it was painted quickly in a more spontaneous way, I held myself back from labouring over it, with too much fine detail, (a habit left over from my years as an illustrator!)

single green pear.

This painting was completed over the Christmas break, It's about 400 x 300 cms. oil on canvas,