Friday, March 25, 2016

Road to Ballan.

A large painting over a meter wide, by Valerie this one is beautiful in real life, ( click on it to see the lovely geometric patterns that emerge,)

Tapestry 1.

How good is this little painting...!! another new one by Valerie, it's taken from a view near Daylesford
it's oil on canvas, and is about 30cm x 30cm,  Valerie knows her colours so well,
and she is doing something that is entirely original, and unique, very rare these days. if you are interested in purchasing, email me on for price etc.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


This is a recent painting by my wife Valerie, she recently won 1st prize at the Swiss Italian Festa here in Daylesford and is now working towards an exhibition at the end of the year, this is a painting of a famous landmark on the way to Ballarat,

Nice Rocks !

Another view of back garden with rocks bought in by Gary my "Bob cat friend"

Our new back garden.

This is a photo of our new back garden, only one year old, from basically nothing,  it has been terraced and tweaked within an inch of it's life !!

kitchen still life.

this painting was completed about a year ago and hangs on the kitchen wall.  I will put it in the exhibition for the Daylesford and Macedon ranges art trail in October november.

Nest with Beetle (sold )

another painting from the archives, I was into realism, back then, !!  the latest nests are looser and have a more abstract feel, if you click on it you will see the beetle.

apple and pear. (sold )

This is a painting I did about 7 years ago ( I'm looking through the archives !! ) it was about a meter wide, I like the underpainting that I have left showing through, and the limited colours.

Nest painting from 2009 (sold )

This is a photo of an early nest painting that I may not have included on my blog, I like
the freshness of the paint application, and the little spot of blue not sure who purchased it.

Big still life ( sold )

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

peaches and jug.

Enjoy !! only small, about 30 x 25 cm. oil on canvas.

Apple with 3 pears.

a quick study I'm trying to keep away from too dark backgrounds,!! oil on canvas, small format.

pastel drawing

a drawing done late last year at Sebastapol ( Ballarat.)  a 20 minute pose.

Big Impression.

A large painting 120 cm in width, oil on canvas, it would look great in anyones kitchen !!

shelter from the storm.

This is the 1st nest painting I have done for maybe a year, it's around 1 meter square, oil on canvas,
the price is $2.500.00 Aussie dollars my email is on the header, if you are interested I can deliver free in Victoria or South Australia, contact me.

Apple and pear.

At last I have got the paints out and have started painting again !! after a long break, I put a textured background on this one to give a layered look, only small scale about 30 x 25 cm.