Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bowl with Peaches.

This painting was done about 6 months ago, I put a really heavy varnish over it adding to the depth and mystery, the size is 600 x 300 mm thats about 2 ft x 1 ft in the old language.

Blue vase.

This is a very small painting, I tried to loosen up the brushwork a little, I like the blue of the vase against the orange.

Friday, March 16, 2012


I feel proud of myself for keeping the background a little lighter than usual,! always like the effect of fruit against a darker background it seems to add mystery to the picture, but this one works O.K. I think, it has some nice tonal qualities to it.

Figs and grapes.

I recently finished this painting, it's about 610 x 450 mm. my photo is probably a little darker than the real thing, I had to work fast as figs don't like sitting there while I paint them!! they tend to fall apart and rot, ( I know the feeling!)