Saturday, December 31, 2011

Apple and Grapes.

Just a small painting 31 cm x 23cm. I put two coats of gloss varnish on this one, it looks like it was painted 150 years ago!!, also I added some some touches with the palette knife. I would like to see it go into an ornate gold frame.

Following the light.

Hi Bloggers and a happy new year to you, lets hope it's a wonderful one for all of you, If you have wondered why I have been neglecting my blog over recent months, it's because we will be part of the Australian Open Garden scheme at the end of this January, so with 5 acres of wasteland! to whip into shape,!! my painting endeavors have taken a back seat for a while.

However I have produced a few new pieces, some of which I will post up for you to see,
I have found that my nest series, started some 7 years ago, totally original and unique, have been plagiarized all over the place, but that is the down side of the internet I suppose, and something all artists have to contend with.

but it does make me hesitate to put all my new work on the site.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

still life with pears and a plum.

This little painting will be shown in a new gallery /shop at Mt Martha, Victoria, our friend Chris Crewdson is opening a beautiful French influence decor and gift shop, so she has taken a few small works of mine to display if you are in the area, do drop in and say Hi! to Chris the shop is called 'Plum'.

A couple of recent paintings

A new painting, in high key,oil on canvas, and it's small at 15 by 30 c.m.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hidden Treasure.

A beautiful new painting from the recent exhibition, in Adelaide, this is 110 x 760 in size,
oil on canvas, anyone interested in purchasing this picture simply email me, and I will forward a price and other details, of course buying direct from the artist saves 35% in cost, so this may be worth considering.!

The Ochre Nest. Sold.

Another picture from the 'Nest Series Exhibition' it's a medium size painting, 110 x 760,
and sold to a couple from the Adelaide Hills.

The 3 blue eggs.

This painting was shown at my recent solo exhibition at the Conservation Centre in Adelaide,