Saturday, December 31, 2011

Following the light.

Hi Bloggers and a happy new year to you, lets hope it's a wonderful one for all of you, If you have wondered why I have been neglecting my blog over recent months, it's because we will be part of the Australian Open Garden scheme at the end of this January, so with 5 acres of wasteland! to whip into shape,!! my painting endeavors have taken a back seat for a while.

However I have produced a few new pieces, some of which I will post up for you to see,
I have found that my nest series, started some 7 years ago, totally original and unique, have been plagiarized all over the place, but that is the down side of the internet I suppose, and something all artists have to contend with.

but it does make me hesitate to put all my new work on the site.

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