Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fame and Fortune!!

If you click on the image it will enlarge and you may be able to read the article, which gives a good insight into my thoughts about my paintings. this was published recently in the local paper called Country Living.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Apple and two Pears.

This painting is oil on canvas, and is 1 meter by 1 meter in size, you would think after painting all this fruit I would be really healthy and eat most of it after completing the artwork,? but no, It usually sits on the shelf and after several weeks of being ignored, I remember to put it in the compost!!

Pears and Cherries

this is a very small painting oil on canvas, I enjoyed applying the paint in some places with the palette knife.

still life with Chinese vase.

This is a painting from a few months ago, it will be going up at my new exhibition in Castlemaine,
at a cafe called Togs,  if you are nearby please drop in and have a look.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

classic still life.

And this is a more traditional approach to the subject, a smaller piece, at 500 x 400.
email me if it interests you,

two and a half pears!

I love this one, it is like a map of the pears, it's about a meter square imagine this on a white wall, in a modern home, I wish I could afford to have it on my wall!! it's acrylic on canvas.  I'm torn between oil and acrylic, oil is more manageable and allows you to blur edges, so I will probably stick to oil.

Three in a row.

this one is in acrylic, and is about 610 x 460,  the painting below is oil on canvas.
anyone interested in purchasing something contact me by email and I will do a special price for you.!

Red Delicious.

I'm having a small exhibition in a lovely cafe called 'Togs' in a nearby town called Castlemaine,
during October, so I have been busy making some new pictures, all will be still life, and mostly will be in a newer and fresher and more vibrant style. hope you like them.

Apple and Pear with grapes.

Hi bloggers, thought I should add some of my new paintings, you will notice they are in general, more colorful and brighter than some of my more classic paintings of the past. this one is in acrylic, let me know if you like this new approach,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Still life with Pomegranates

This is a painting done a couple of months ago, it's about 120 x 110 cm.  it has a good varnish on it,
and it has a very traditional look and feel. anyone interested in it the price is $1.750. 00( Aus.) I have just returned from a few weeks away and visited lots of galleries in both Spain and the U.K. my favorite being the National gallery in London.
One of the things I noticed in regional galleries in the U.K. the works seem to be much smaller, maybe the smaller houses and limited space has something to do with that?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fruit Loop!

This is one of my new paintings, bright bold colourful and popular, if anyone is interested in purchasing this or any other of my pictures, please email me at the address shown, this one is about a meter square,
oil on canvas. and if you live in Victoria between Melbourne and Bendigo, I might even deliver it

Pastel drawing

Two images of a drawing I did last Friday, at the life drawing class in Ballarat,
the model was Jonique,  hope you like it.

Apple and Grapes.

This is an old painting done about 10 years ago, I like the heavy frame on it, my photo is a bit crooked,
but I like the way the painting has stood the test of time.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

still life with 3 pears.

another large acrylic painting, this is in a gallery in Adelaide, it's what I would call a decorator piece,
bright, lively, impressionistic.

Jonique, turning.

A new life drawing done at Ballarat recently, The face reminds me of the famous painting by
Vermeer  for the movie 'the Girl with the Pearl Earring',

Apple and Pear.

I did this painting while in Adelaide a few weeks ago, it's in acrylic, ( most unusual for me.!)
it was for my daughter Emily, its big, and fun, it has helped me go in a new direction, away from the dark colours, I painted it under the car port in the open, with grandkids whizzing past on skateboards, saying Cool ,man, thats awesome etc!! I did another 3 or 4 at the same time. let me know what you think.?

Two pears.

Hi bloggers!  I must add some new pictures to my blog, I have been painting and drawing a  lot recently, this one is 1 meter by 1 meter,  oil on canvas and has been sold twice, !! this one goes to Adelaide to a lovely home by the North Adelaide golf course, and I have done a twin version for a couple up here in Daylesford. the background is actually whiter than it looks on this photo.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Life.

A new nest painting done only a couple of weeks ago, it's on a big canvas, almost a meter and a half in width, really punchy, I'm not keeping track of my nest series paintings, some get sold before I photograph them,

keep visiting my blog  in 2013, I wish you a fantastic new year.  thanks for viewing my work.

Arrangement with vase and peaches.

This is another small format painting  ( 310 x 150 mm. ) in oil on canvas, done for a new exhibition coming up in the new year in Sydney, I will post the details later.  thank you for viewing my art, please email me if you are interested in purchasing anything, or just to chat. cheers Roger.


A new drawing done recently at the Ballarat life drawing class, I was pleased with sales of my drawings at the Daylesford art show, I displayed them in plastic sleeves, with no framing,
I just put them in a pile on a trestle table and people rifled through them,
so I was able to keep the prices down, to around the $100.00 mark,  considering they are large pieces,
the art collectors got a bargain!!

drawn from life.

this was a profile drawing I did a few years ago, it's sketched with pastel, and was created at the drawing group at Eastwood in Adelaide. hope you like it.

Nice Slice.!

And this one is a little smaller at 260 x 200 mm,  painted a couple of months ago,
(last year,!)  I am pleased with this, someone said it was a little 'gem'  I like that description!
what artist doesn't like a little praise now and then!!

still life with pumpkin.

Hope you all had a great Christmas, I'm starting off the new year by adding a few new pictures to my blog, hope you like them, this one is 400 x 400mm,  oil on canvas as always.