Wednesday, May 18, 2016


A quick 5 minute pose drawn in pastel, something about it that I like !!  hope you do too !!

5 minute pose.

This is a very quick drawing done in black pastel a few weeks ago, at life class in Castlemaine, there wasn't time for detail but it describes everything that it needs to.


This is an oil sketch done in 15 minutes on prepared paper, live from the model
in life class about 10 years ago, anyone interested in purchasing it, email me for a price it's on paper so it can be rolled and posted.

apples and red cabbage.

oil on canvas, a more exuberant and dynamic still life, I toyed with the idea of taking it to a more finished state but decided to leave it looking fresh.

Emerging 3.

This is a new painting, on masonite, ( wood panel. ) with a nice textural finish, I enjoyed playing with
both the oil and acrylic on this one, ( it follows  emerging 1 and 2 which sold very quickly ) it looks like the sort of image you would see looking out the window on a train journey into any big city I also used gold paint, so in different lights you catch
glimpses of gold.  it is about a meter in width by 65 cm deep.