Sunday, August 4, 2013

classic still life.

And this is a more traditional approach to the subject, a smaller piece, at 500 x 400.
email me if it interests you,

two and a half pears!

I love this one, it is like a map of the pears, it's about a meter square imagine this on a white wall, in a modern home, I wish I could afford to have it on my wall!! it's acrylic on canvas.  I'm torn between oil and acrylic, oil is more manageable and allows you to blur edges, so I will probably stick to oil.

Three in a row.

this one is in acrylic, and is about 610 x 460,  the painting below is oil on canvas.
anyone interested in purchasing something contact me by email and I will do a special price for you.!

Red Delicious.

I'm having a small exhibition in a lovely cafe called 'Togs' in a nearby town called Castlemaine,
during October, so I have been busy making some new pictures, all will be still life, and mostly will be in a newer and fresher and more vibrant style. hope you like them.

Apple and Pear with grapes.

Hi bloggers, thought I should add some of my new paintings, you will notice they are in general, more colorful and brighter than some of my more classic paintings of the past. this one is in acrylic, let me know if you like this new approach,