Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Life.

A new nest painting done only a couple of weeks ago, it's on a big canvas, almost a meter and a half in width, really punchy, I'm not keeping track of my nest series paintings, some get sold before I photograph them,

keep visiting my blog  in 2013, I wish you a fantastic new year.  thanks for viewing my work.

Arrangement with vase and peaches.

This is another small format painting  ( 310 x 150 mm. ) in oil on canvas, done for a new exhibition coming up in the new year in Sydney, I will post the details later.  thank you for viewing my art, please email me if you are interested in purchasing anything, or just to chat. cheers Roger.


A new drawing done recently at the Ballarat life drawing class, I was pleased with sales of my drawings at the Daylesford art show, I displayed them in plastic sleeves, with no framing,
I just put them in a pile on a trestle table and people rifled through them,
so I was able to keep the prices down, to around the $100.00 mark,  considering they are large pieces,
the art collectors got a bargain!!

drawn from life.

this was a profile drawing I did a few years ago, it's sketched with pastel, and was created at the drawing group at Eastwood in Adelaide. hope you like it.

Nice Slice.!

And this one is a little smaller at 260 x 200 mm,  painted a couple of months ago,
(last year,!)  I am pleased with this, someone said it was a little 'gem'  I like that description!
what artist doesn't like a little praise now and then!!

still life with pumpkin.

Hope you all had a great Christmas, I'm starting off the new year by adding a few new pictures to my blog, hope you like them, this one is 400 x 400mm,  oil on canvas as always.