Monday, September 22, 2008

Greetings Cards - 1st edition sold out.

This image shows you the format for the greetings cards, folded in the middle and blank inside. They measure 120 mm x 145 mm (folded). They are printed on a nice quality card and come in a set of 4, in a cellophane wrap. They show 4 of the most popular nest paintings, and judging by the reaction of those who have already snapped them up - are a real collectable. If anyone is interested they are $10 AU a pack. (Cheques or money orders only) I will even personally sign them on request. Contact me for postage details.We are now working on a second edition with slightly larger format, and will post up on to the site when available.

Eye of the Storm

We had a really successful day with our first Australian Open Garden. We had reasonable weather on Saturday, a little overcast, but Sunday was absolutely perfect! Over 200 visitors with so much positive feedback about the garden, the sculpture and the paintings in the studio. I was on my feet from 6.30 am until the last visitors left at 5.00 pm. My nest series greetings cards sold like hot cakes! We added four envelopes and tied them with raffia, and then put them in a lovely wicker basket - they looked beautiful.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Still life with pears

This painting has been hanging in the foyer of the printing company down stairs.
I have never got around to putting it on my blog site, so here it is.

Still life with ginger jar

I painted this little still life with a tomato, ginger jar and orange slice over the weekend. On top of distributing to tons of rubble over our garden paths, getting things ship-shape for the upcoming Australian Open Garden Scheme. I'm hoping the weather will be kind to us! And that I get a lot of visitors into the studio.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Impression of a birds' nest

This is a smaller painting, at around 55 cm wide. Painted directly from my small collection of nests.

Nest for the Florey

The annual Florey exhibition is upon us again! This is the exhibition that raises funds for cancer research. The artists do a painting on a set canvas size, no one signs their work on the front, each painting is sold for $250 and it's a great opportunity for the local artists to get together, have a chat, check out each others work and get a little merry at the same time! Last year I did the painting with the pumpkin and lemon which can be seen on an earlier post of this blog.


This nest painting is fairly large scale, 120 cm x 120 cm. (It fits into my RAV, only just!)
I may enter this into the annual Balmain Art show in Sydney this November. i love the background splatter effect, and the colour of the nest works very well against the neutral grey background. It's a powerful image and if and when it sells I will miss it!
Update: Nov 11th
This painting went on display at the annual Balmain Art Show in Sydney last weekend, and apparently there were three collectors almost fighting over it and the winner has a wonderful three story home overlooking the harbor so it will be much admired.


I have changed the contents of this nest a couple of times. It started with two dead chicks' skeletons, which were found in this nest during the hot summer. Friends told me it would be hard to sell with such a sad story, so I replaced them with three eggs. This picture will go into the annual Cathedral Art show next month, here in Adelaide.