Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dons nest. (sold)

A friend of ours brings in abandoned nests  for me to add to my collection, so I did this painting
for him, ( 60 x 76 cm.) oil on canvas.


I prepared the background, with a few bold splashes of acrylic before the class, I seem to do that a lot as it sets the choice of pastel, and adds an extra depth to the finished image. click on it to see the line work.

Creswick life class.

This one was drawn about 5 years ago, when we had a drawing group in Creswick, I like the honesty of the pastel work, so thought I would put up. again a large drawing 70 cm in height.

traditional still life.

This small painting was completed a few weeks ago, the dark background reminds me of the awful weather we are experiencing here in Victoria at the moment,!!  the wettest September ever recorded in some parts of the state.

Still life

A large painting about 1 meter x 1 meter, my photo doesn't do it justice, it looks a bit blurry
but you get the general impression!!.  I certainly had fun doing it, as you can see !!

male nude.

A drawing done at the Castlemaine ( Victoria.) drawing group a few weeks ago, not sure of the guys

Blue Nude.

I haven't posted anything up for a while, so here are a few new pictures, this one done recently in life drawing class in Ballarat, if you click on the image it will give you a closer look at all the beautiful textures, the model was Sylvia, it was done in a 20 minute pose, in pastel. my drawings are fairly large 70 or 80 cm in hight.