Thursday, May 10, 2007

Drawing from life

Had a good night at drawing last night. Came away with three or four pictures that I am reasonably pleased with. I also enjoyed my lasagna and two glasses of red, (Australian of course!!) in the Cafe Pallazo. Anyone else out there in life-drawing groups? Is it making a come back?


Rodrigo Melo said...

Hello Reger!
Thanks for your visit in my Blog.

A Reason to Paint said...

"Anyone else out there in life-drawing groups?"
Yes I go to one in Melbourne every week. It's on a week night after work and sometimes I really have to push past the day's fatigue to get there, but I am always glad I made the effort. Some weeks I don't have a lot of time for painting, so I see life drawing as my regular commitment to art - it ensures that I continue to practice my skills.

As to whether it is making a comeback or not, I'm not sure; I hope so. It would be great to see plein air painting make a comeback too; to get more people out there painting and drawing from life would be fabulous.

Graham McArthur said...

Yeah, I go to one in Adelaide and there is a guy who never misses a session called Roger who draws just like you.

amber said...

Very impressive drawings You are right australian red is very good:)