Friday, May 4, 2012

A Bigger Pear.

This is a largish painting 920 x 610 mm. it has two coats of varnish on it, and in real life looks very,
much like a painting from the 16th century, I have a few people asking for new work so I must start to produce more paintings. The cold weather is settling in now, with grey leaden skies,
here in Daylesford, luckily I have  the studio fire on!!

I'm reading a book at the moment called 'A Bigger Message'  conversations with David Hockney
( Hence the title above!!) published by Thames and Hudson, well worth a read, he is so knowledgeable about art, and it's history,  you will love it. anyone that follows my blog will know how much I love life drawing, and in the book Hockney remembers at a meeting of teachers and administrators.... when
the discussion was about the abandonment of drawing in art schools, they said to him So, it's back to the life drawing room is it Hockney? he said No, it's forward to the life drawing room.

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